gibberwocky is a trio of environments for music programming and live-coding performance. Each of these environments targets adifferent software package or communication protocol, but share principles and APIs for musical sequencing and musical control signals. All three environments use vanilla JavaScript as the end-user programming language.

While the versions targeting Ableton Live and Max/MSP require downloading and installing plugins, the MIDI version runs natively in the browser (current Chrome and Opera only) with no extra software required.

What can I do with gibberwocky?

  • Easily discover, sequence, and modulate parameters of Max/MSP patches and Max for Live instruments — no patching required.
  • Create musical patterns and transform them over time, with feedback showing how and when your patterns develop.
  • Create modulation graphs that can easily be assigned to any parameter in Live or a Max/MSP patch. Or use the graphs to generate MIDI CC messages. Either way, every parameter of the modulation is exposed for control via sequencing.
  • You can code entire musical performances in realtime.

Learn more

We've published a paper on at the 2016 International Conference on Live Coding, and a paper on gibberwocky.max and gibberwocky.midi at the 2017 New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference.


gibberwocky is designed and maintained by Charlie Roberts & Graham Wakefield. Supported by: